Certified Agile Coaching for Sustainable Business Agility

Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coaches can help you build sustainable agility to achieve valuable outcomes for both your organization and your customers. They promote a culture of learning that enables your company to adopt agile practices and principles by inspiring and educating internal staff – rather than swooping in with quick and easy promises.

Our progressive certification model demonstrates the quality and the different levels of experience of agile professionals.

Becoming a Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coach Scrum Alliance is a years-long process, It starts with learning the basics as a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®), in a two-day in-person course. The next step is passing the Certified Scrum Professional®-ScrumMaster (CSP-SM) level, which is a mid-advanced achievement in the agile journey. Then, these coaching professionals work to accomplish Training and Coaching certifications, which are the highest level and commendable.

All Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coaches adhere to rigorous standards and have demonstrated breadth and depth of knowledge and experience.

  • Certified Enterprise Coaches (CECs) demonstrate a minimum of three years of coaching with at least 2,000 hours
  • Certified Team Coaches (CTCs) demonstrate a minimum of two years of coaching with at least 1,000 hours

For organizations ready to move toward agile transformation:

Benefits of hiring a CEC:

Certified Enterprise Coaches offer deep experience in working with leaders and executives to nurture organizational change and business agility at the enterprise level. CECs help companies navigate the ambitious process of agile transformation using a customized approach to best suit each organization.

For subsets of an organization in a project or program, or across multiple teams:

Benefits of hiring a CTC:

Certified Team Coaches offer deep experience in working with teams, stakeholders, and their leaders to improve performance, outcomes and business agility. CTCs provide coaching, facilitation, training, mentoring, and leadership in support of collaboration across multiple teams and departments.

Scrum Alliance Certified Coaches can help build your capability to achieve the outcomes you seek, both for your organization and your customers.

  • Your change will be more sustainable.
  • The way you grow will be more in tune with your organization and its purpose.
  • Your customers will see greater results.
  • Your employees will be more engaged.

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